Ontario Specialty Coatings Corporation







We, at Ontario Specialty Coatings Corporation, are ink jet coating specialists who work with our clients on a strictly confidential basis to assist with the issues involved in ink jet coating development and application technology. Ontario Specialty Coatings Corporation offers technical consulting and manufacturing services involving ink jet printing media in the following areas:


Ink Jet Formulation Development: Our services include formulation development and  testing for coating/converters and on-paper machine coated media producers. Our expertise includes matte and glossy finishes on a variety of substrates including paper, film, tyvek, non-wovens, and textiles.

Ink Jet Coating Materials Suppliers: Our services include formulation development and testing of your materials which are intended to be used in ink jet receptive coatings. We can offer a complete evaluation of your product in a variety of different ink jet formulations on a variety of different substrates for use on desktop or wide format ink jet printers.

Coating Base Substrate Development: We can assist with your development of coating base substrates for ink jet media including paper, film, tyvek, non-wovens, and textiles. Our services are also utilized in the development of pre-coats for substrates intended to prepare the material for the final ink jet receptive coating.

Ontario Specialty Coatings Corporation can work with you on a short term, project basis or on a long term retainer. 

For further information, please contact Jim Kedenburg at 315-782-1696 or e-mail at jim@ontspct.com.