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Rigid Media Products


The NovaJet 880, from Encad, Inc. a Kodak Company, is a hybrid sensation - printing up to eight vibrant colors on both flexible and rigid media up to 1/2" thick. The NovaJet 880 boasts all the color, flexibility, and speed of the award-winning NovaJet 850 - then adds the major benefit of superior image quality on a wider range of substrates. With the NovaJet 880, the days of having to mount prints on rigid media are gone forever. The print head height of the NovaJet 880 is easily adjustable to print directly onto Coroplast, Sintra, Styrene, Plexiglass, Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Gatorboard, Gatorfoam, Foamcore and other rigid materials for exhibit graphics, point-of-purchase signage, fine art reproductions and photo enlargements.


Ink Jet Receptive Coatings  

Ontario Specialty Coatings is an Encad approved supplier for sprayable and brushable inkjet receptive coatings for application onto non-coated media for use with the NovaJet 880. We offer two products, C-127-4, a white-matte highly water resistant coating, and C-123-26, a clear, glossy coating. Both coatings can be applied directly to rigid media without an initial primer coating. These products are available from Encad resellers or directly from Ontario Specialty Coatings.

Ink Jet Receptive Coated Rigid Media

Ontario Specialty Coatings supplies a selection white-matte and clear, glossy pre-coated ink jet receptive rigid media on various substrates for use through the NovaJet 880.

We currently offer white Coroplast (4 mm thickness), known as CoroJet, and Sintra PVC (3 mm thickness), known as SintraJet, pre-coated with C-127-4 White-Matte water resistant ink jet receptive coating and C-123-26 Clear, Glossy ink jet receptive coating.

Both substrates are available in the following dimensions:

24 inches by 18 inches - (the Coroplast ribs run in the 18 inch direction)

40 inches by 32 inches -  (the Coroplast ribs run in the 32 inch direction) 

48 inches by 36 inches -  (the Coroplast ribs run in the 36 inch direction) 

48 inches by 48 inches 

96 inches by 48 inches -  (the Coroplast ribs run in the 96 inch direction) 


For further information, please review our rigid media listing or contact Ontario Specialty Coatings at 315-782-1696 or e-mail us at oscc@ontspct.com.

Other pre-coated rigid media, such as Gatorfoam, Gatorplast, Ultraboard, Styrene, Plexiglass, or Aluminum are available upon request. Please let us know how we can assist you.